Rigorous early assessment – We provide a rapid response and assessment to identify the early symptoms of psychosis.


Strength-based care management – We believe that individual empowerment is essential to recovery, so we provide a client-centered approach that focuses on supporting the strengths of each individual and addressing their unmet needs.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis – Our clinicians utilize this current therapeutic method for assisting clients in overcoming psychosis.


Judicious medication management – Our medical staff specialize in psychosis and provide treatment based on an individual’s specific needs.


Multifamily groups – We offer psycho-educational groups bringing together clients and their families (or the support network defined by each client) to explore new strategies for problem solving and ways of coping.

Peer and family mutual support groups – We provide a safe and respectful environment for participants to gain support and insight from others involved in the program.

Co-occurring substance abuse services – For clients with substance abuse issues, we provide education and rehabilitation that addresses the connection between risky behaviors and harmful outcomes.


Supported education and vocational assistance – We support clients in their progression towards meaningful employment or education based on the specific goals of each individual.